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+60 ski instructors joining the team for the opening of the Club Med
2 buildings a new chalet for ESF and a ski instructor locker room into the Club Med
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Skis at the entrance

The local being on two levels, the choice to store the skis closest to the access to the outside was imposed and allows ax instructors to free themselves from the most cumbersome equipment before using the stairs.

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A nice space

The new ESF chalet is ideally positioned in the middle of the slopes. The monitor room is an important place which must be practical, comfortable and friendly. Everyone is there every day of the season, whatever the weather. It was essential to propose a location meeting each of these imperatives.

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Ventilated and secured lockers

The lockers are spacious, they allow you to dry the rain capes, clothes and two pairs of shoes as well as to store helmets, poles, backpack and other personal effects useful in the daily practice of skiing.