Our sales follow these general terms of sale, above all other sale conditions, except formal and clear dispensation from our society.


All our equipments have been tested before they have leaved the workshop. The tests at the seller’s or by other control organisms are always be full of charge for the customer. When the equipment has to be taken from delivery, it should be mentioned on the order.


Proposals, diagrams, drawings, and documents given or sent from us are our property; they can not be passed from the customer to anyone for any reason. Theses proposals and documents are provided free of charge if the corresponding order is confirmed. Otherwise, the research fees are due to the customer.


When we give an estimate to the customer, it counts for the particular conditions, changing or completing the current general conditions. If the customer orders a product, this order will be definitively confirmed by ourselves with a writing acceptation from us. This acceptation will be in that case the particular conditions.


The seller keeps the property of its products sold until the full payment of all the equipments and accessories ordered. A third person transmitting an obligation of payment (like a banker’s draft or else) will not be considerate as a payment. Not paying for any due will keep the equipment as our property. It concerns as well, as from the delivery, all the sold products risks of loss and damaging.


Spare parts and accessories are provided on demand, as much as we can do. The postage is due, and added at the invoice. To take account of the administrative charges, the minimum amount of any invoice issued by ourselves is fixed at 15 euro free of tax. Otherwise, the necessary number of items will be delivered for the total amount to be the closest from this minimum amount invoiced. Any sending which the amount of the invoice is lower or equal to 30 euro free of tax will be paid at the delivery. We can not guarantee to provide detached items from our old models; they will be provided while stocks last.


In reference to the law, are prices are duty free (V.A.T free), with the V.A.T rate mentioned. Our prices can change without notice in case of variations of rates or manufacturing methods, of salaries, of social and fiscal charges, in accordance to the agreements or signed contracts.


Our equipments comes from the factory or the depot. For all our orders the carriage is totally due to the buyer, for any departure point. The merchandises travel at the addressee’s perils. If the ways of delivery come to change, we keep the right to charge the additional costs that could generate. The special packaging is invoiced according to the price offer. All express sending from the addressee is entirely due to himself.


Delivery deadline is given simply for information. Delays can not lead to any compensation in any case. Delays can not justify any order cancelation (even partial). The deadline will be defined from the day the deposit for the order will be received.


The products are in standard packaging, all special packaging will be charged.


All sales are treated and have to be paid at Moirans, without any exemption for any method of payment, and any delivery location. Our invoices have to be paid cash at the removal of the equipment from our factories or by any method of payment agreed with the customer.

When the payment by banker’s draft was agreed, it is obvious that without any return in 48 hours or without payment of a bank bill at its deadline, the sums outstanding will be demanded; even if it is banker’s drafts accepted with a more distant deadline.

In case of delay of payment when the deadline which has been agreed comes, sums outstanding will be charged with interests, based on a calculated penalty of 1.5% rate for each month of delay (law 92 1442 of 31/12/92). Not paying an invoice at its deadline, leads to administer legal interests (from the deadline date) and a 20% increase of the amount demanded for the equipment ordered.


Our products are 2 years warranted from the delivery date, for any manufacturing defect or material flaw. The warranty consists in replacing or repairing in our workshops the acknowledged faulty spare parts. Spare parts or accessories from outside or with its own brand are not included in the warranty. In any case, the warranty will lead on compensations. The warranty does not work for replacing or repairing coming from the normal wear and tear of the equipment, deteriorations or accidents coming from negligence, supervision or maintenance fault, faulty setting, or any else fault out of our control . Our warranty is immediately and completely cancelled if the customer changes or repairs our equipment stocked without our agreement. Repairing, changing or replacing spare parts within the warranty period, will not increase it.


All lawsuits will reach an amicable settlement, even if in case of recourse of warranty or several defendants, within the commercial court competence, according to the location of our registered office.