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Sport 2000 Alpes Glisses Tignes 1800 Les Boisses

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A high end store at the level of Tignes 1800 new village

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Open minded project

After spending a season in the store, Erik gave us precise specifications in terms of quantity and type of material to store and dry.

Regarding the organization of the space, he asked us to think about all the possible redevelopment options.

Skis Sport2000 Alpes Glisses Tignes 1800 Les Boisses

Space optimization

  • The result is organized, readable and efficient
  • Helmets are accessible above the skis: each space is used
Sylvain Martel

Erik's high standards were pulling up our collaboration. The result is there, the store customers are delighted.

Sylvain Martel
Commercial VSOP
Podiums Bonnets Placards Chaussures Sport2000 Alpes Glisses Tignes 1800 Les Boisses

Intuitive and fluid circulation

Customers naturally go to the boot fitting area.

The ski racks and adjustment benches benefit from the light of the window and allow customers to access the exit as soon as they receive their equipment.