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The Ridge Arc 1800

Creation of the ski room of this magnificent residence.


In 1960, Louis Béguin spotted a small chalet in an exceptional location. Two years later, he opened a refreshment bar when the Courbaton resort was created. This was the birth of Les Arcs.
50 years later, the Chalet Béguin hotel, run by the founder's son, has around 20 hotel rooms and flats. By taking over from André Béguin in 2017, Cogeco continues to write the history of this exceptional place.

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An incroyable panorama

The most beautiful view of the Haute-Tarentaise Valley and beyond. The magic of the sunsets on the Mont-Blanc...


A high-end residence.

Ridge 2

3D plans

Creation of 3D plans by our architect.

Vue 1


Wooden lockers with a modern design and integrated shoe dryer.

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We also made a plan of the ski room.

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